Illinois Soil Classifiers Association
Maintaining High Standards and Ethical Conduct in the Profession of Soil Classifying

The Illinois Soil Classifiers Association is an organization promoting the wise use of the soil resource.  ISCA is made up of professional soil classifiers in public service, private industry, and education. 


ISCA was established in 1975 and is affiliated with the Soil Science Society of America

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Quote for Thought
"We cannot afford to curtail soil conservation, either in the East or the West.  . . .  It is vital to the future of our farm areas, and though you may live in a city, what happens to the land of your country touches you as closely as if you were a farmer."  
Eleanor Roosevelt, My Day 3/6/1947

Certified Professional Soil Classifiers

Are you looking for a certified professional soil classifier? The ISCA website specializes in information about what a soil classifier does and how to hire a soil classifier, provides general and technical information about Illinois soils, and provides information for members of the Illinois Soil Classifiers Association.


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ISCA 45th Annual Meeting - Save the Date for the 45th Annual Meeting - March 21, 2020 at the Forbes Natural History Building in Champaign, IL

ISCA Hydric Soils Course - April 30 - May 1, 2020 - Watch here for details!

Correction to Septic Loading Rate Chart - Column 5E has been corrected from 0.52 g/d/sq.ft. to 0.69 g/d/sq.ft.  This has historically been the established rate, but an error had been made in the printing of the table.  Use this corrected table for Section 905A, Appendix A, Illustration M, Exhibit B - Key for Determining Sewage Subsurface Loading Rates for Illinois Soils - in the State of Illinois Code for Private Sewage Disposal.  The table that is in the Code itself, has many errors and is a corrupted table.

ISCA Gear - ISCA now has our own storefront with Lands' End Business Outfitters.  The ISCA store is at: Create your own account and order any apparel that you desire. It will be shipped directly to you. You may order any item in the current catalog and have Lands’ End add the ISCA logo ($5.95). You also have the option to choose the location of the logo and change the colors in the logo to coordinate with the item that you are purchasing. Occasionally, Lands’ End will have a special offer and not charge to add the embroidered logo, so watch for those specials. Catalog “promotional” items and “silkscreened” items usually have a minimum quantity, so be aware when you are placing your order.  If you have questions concerning the operation of the ISCA Lands’ End store, contact . If you have specific questions regarding merchandise and ordering, contact Lands’ End for assistance.

ISCA Texture Project - ISCA is coordinating efforts to gather known samples of soil textures from various parent materials around the state to use as reference texture samples.  Click here for whom to contact and for more information.

ASK a Soil Classifier - If you have a question about soils, either a general question or a very specific question, and would like an answer from a Professional Soil Classifier, e-mail your question(s) to:

Soil Classifier Mentor Program - If you desire experience in soil classification and wish to work with or correspond with a Professional Soil Classifier, ISCA can help you get connected to a Professional Soil Classifier in your local area.  Send an email to express your interest to President @

Membership Questionnaire - Participation by a variety of ISCA members is critical for healthy growth, development, and sustainability of the association. In order to see who is willing to serve as a committee member, committee chair, or run for an elected position, please complete the Membership Questionnaire.


Soil Consultant

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Certified Professional Soil Classifiers